We took private lessons with Mandy to prepare for our wedding. Mandy's lessons were not at all formulaic or by-the book. Rather, she really got to know us as a couple and tailored each lesson to fit our personalities and style. Mandy is a flexible and effective instructor, and we're so happy with everything we've learned! -Emily and Aaron B.

When we signed up for private dance lessons for our choreographed wedding dance we weren't sure there was anyone that would be able to get us dancing. We are exceptionally uncoordinated and pretty much looked like elephants on ice skates when we made any attempt to dance. However, through Mandy's skill and patience we were actually doing something resembling dancing by our second lesson and by the time of our wedding we looked great dancing. Thank you Mandy for such an awesome experience!

-Shay and Julian M.

I took the Zumba and hoop classes and absolutely LOVED it. I mean LOVED it. ...The instructor Mandy, is the bomb, I LOVE her! I would vote for her for president if we were trying to get the nation in shape and in a good mood. -Karen R.

I was blessed to have Mandy as my first Zumba instructor! I had just decided that I was fed up with being overweight and wanted to lose weight. So I stumbled across Zumba on the gym schedule. I had never even heard of it. It was a Thursday evening and even though I felt a little intimidated I stood in the front row. Mandy entered the room with such a pleasant and high energy personality it made my nervousness go away. Then the music started and she moved like no other! By the end of class I was hooked! I went to work the next day and told a co-worker that she had to join me next Thursday for Zumba. I had Mandy for 3 years every Thursday, which I lived for each week. I scheduled my appointments and worked around those Thursday nights! During that time, I also lost 85 pounds and she is part of the reason why. Well now I'm an instructor myself and I'm proud to have her as my mentor!

-Veronica F.

We didnt really know what we were getting into when we decided to take dance lessons to perfect our first dance for our wedding. We had a destination wedding and wanted to come back to the reception both with something traditional and something a little more fun, so we ended up deciding to have 2 dances instead of 1 and neither of us had ever done something like this before but, after we met with Mandy for our first lesson, we were hooked! She made the lesson so much funI think we laughed our way that and every lesson after! It was a great time and a great way for us to take an hour out of our busy weeks (and wedding/reception planning) to just spend some time having fun together. I wasnt sure if wed be able to pull it together and pull it off after our first couple of lessons, but with our wedding whisperers aka Mandys help, guidance, and fun approach to teaching we were able to perform 2 unforgettable dances that wowed our guests! -Brittany and Ben Z.

Mandy's classes are high-energy, low-stress, and big-time calorie-burners! Her teaching style is personable and approachable, with an emphasis on fun. She gives the perfect amount of instruction - enough to make sure you can safely do the moves, but not so much that you stress about executing them perfectly. I often found myself grinning ear to ear even as I was dripping sweat and gasping for breath. Now THAT'S a great class! -Melanie G.

Dancing Mandy's "Solid Gold" routine makes me feel glad to be alive. She always gives 100% in every class and never fakes it. It's like she's not just leading a fitness class as much as she's getting ready to perform onstage. -Robyn H.

Had my first ZUMBA class with Mandy and because of her friendly and energetic personality I loved it and still enjoy ZUMBA today. She makes a awesome work out fun, and your hour just flies by because she turns it into a GREAT time. Who knew exercise could be this much fun. LOVE IT. Thanks Mandy. -Carolyn L.

Taking Broadway Blast with Mandy is a such a joy. She makes class so much fun and enjoyable that you dont even realize you are working out. This class is fun and different because its jazz, tap, salsa, etc all wrapped into an hour class. This class is definetely for the show tune lover!! -Laura B.

I have no rhythm and can not recognize beats. Mandy showed us how we went from ground zero to respectable dancers within a short time. Her patience and her fun-loving attitude made us feel comfortable and let us enjoy the process. Highly recommended! - Katie and Mike F.

Mandy was an amazing teacher. Absolutely, was able to teach to our ability and help us strive to be better... We look forward to really growing together with dance. P.S.- We really think Mandy is a wonderful teacher! - Megan and Brandon F.

Mandy has been my fitness instructor for over a year now. She does it all - Zumba, Broadway Blast, Zumba Toning, Burlesque, Power Yoga. The number one reason I enjoy her classes is her choreography, which sets her classes above the rest. Not only have I reached my fitness goals in her classes, I have learned so much about dance in general. She keeps her routines fresh by changing them out, but still allowing enough time to learn and practice them. I am so lucky to have found such a great instructor!

- Tina L.

When I started taking Zumba, I was completely uncomfortable with dancing. Mandy creates an environment in her class that is very welcoming for newbies and/or "non dancers." Her enthusiasm is infectious and her cues make it very easy to learn. What started as taking a fitness class ended with me becoming a better dancer. More important, it is the most fun I've ever had working out!

-Lydia S.

Mandy is the perfect combination of talent, enthusiasm and patience. She made couple's ballroom lessons fun for us and we learned a lot. Her teaching style is motivating and smile-inducing while presenting great technique in all aspects of ballroom. That's not all! Mandy's Zumba class is like no other. Great choreography, perfect song choice, led by the most enthusiastic leader you can imagine. People actually cried when Mandy stopped teaching at one studio because they planned their schedules around Mandy's class. Can't say enough good things about this dynamo of an instructor. We are Mandy- fans for life! -Tracey S. and family